Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intitial Ideas - Simulacra and Hyper realism 9.7.10

Simulacra is never that which conceals truth  - its is the truth which conceals that there is none. Simulacra is true. " Jean Baudrillard

'It is the generation by models of a real without an origin or reality" - Hyper-reality!

'What the consciousness define as real exists in a world where a multitude of media can radically re-shape and filter the original event or experience'

'Hyper- reality tricks the consciousness into detatching from any real  emotional engagement , instead opting for artificial simulation and endless reproductions of fundamentally empty appearance"

Examples Of Hyper -realism

A magazine photo of a model that has been touched up with a computer.

Films in which characters and settings are either digitally enhanced or created entirely from CGI (e.g.: 300, where the entire film was shot in front of a blue/green screen, with all settings super-imposed).

A well manicured garden (nature as hyperreal).

Any massively promoted versions of historical or present "facts" (e.g. "General Ignorance" from QI, where the questions have seemingly obvious answers, which are actually wrong).

Professional sports athletes as super, invincible versions of the human beings.

Many world cities and places which did not evolve as functional places with some basis in reality, as if they were creatio ex nihilo (literally 'creation out of nothing'): Disney World; Dubai; Celebration, 
Florida; and Las Vegas.

TV and film in general (especially "reality" TV), due to its creation of a world of fantasy and its dependence that the viewer will engage with these fantasy worlds. The current trend is to glamorize the mundane using histrionics.

A retail store that looks completely stocked and perfect due to facing, creating a world of endless identical products.

A life which cannot be (e.g. the perfect facsimile of a celebrity's invented persona).

A high end sex doll used as a simulacrum of a bodily or psychologically unattainable partner.[12]

A newly made building or item designed to look old, or to recreate or reproduce an older artifact, by simulating the feel of age or aging.

Constructed languages (such as E-Prime) or "reconstructed" extinct dialects.

Second Life The distinction becomes blurred when it becomes the platform for RL (Real Life) courses and conferences, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or leads to real world interactions behind the scenes.

Weak virtual reality which is greater than any possible simulation of physical reality.[13]

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